June 13, 2012

D&T to remain on National Curriculum

It has been reported by Design Week that Design and Technology (D&T) will remain as a compulsory subject in UK primary schools when the new National Curriculum is introduced.

D&T and Art is often pushed way down the list in regards of importance when it comes to the National Curriculum. These subjects can be viewed by some as ‘soft subjects’ but in my opinion D&T and Art are as important as any other subject in the curriculum. Skills gained from creative studies can be vitally important in so many aspects of learning and life.

D&T is essentially about problem solving, having the ability to open your mind, seeing things from different perspectives and identify creative solutions. We come into contact with design every waking moment of our lives – design is everywhere. Learning the process of problem solving is a invaluable skill to have.

Here is a entertaining and enlightening talk by Sir Ken Robison talking about how schools kill creativity: