Jubilee Sailing Trust

Annual Report & Accounts Design


The Jubilee Sailing Trust is an international, United Nations accredited disability charity, promoting integration through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing. They provide life-changing adventures to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of physical ability. Their voyages change lives by improving self-esteem, building confidence, and providing fantastic leadership and life skills.

The Project
The brief was design and produce their 44 page Annual Report & Accounts. I was also tasked with overseeing the print and fulfilment. Here is a selection of pages:

jubilee-sailing-trust-annual-report-and-account-01 jubilee-sailing-trust-annual-report-and-account-02 jubilee-sailing-trust-annual-report-and-account-03 jubilee-sailing-trust-annual-report-and-account-04

Jubilee Sailing Trust