Ventnor Botanic Garden Halloween Campaign

Illustration & Promotional Communications


Ventnor Botanic Garden lies in a remarkable microclimate at the heart of the famous Undercliff on the south coast of the Isle of Wight. Their unique garden is protected from cold northerly winds, has an average rainfall of 28 inches and has a climate more akin to that of the Mediterranean. This enables a wide variety of plants considered too tender for mainland Britain to be grown outdoors. VBG boasts an impressive collection of rare and subtropical plants and trees from around the world.

The Project
The brief was to produce a campaign to promote the range of Halloween event at the Garden. Communications included, press advertisements, posters, bus shelters, banners and social media graphics.

ventnor-botanic-garden-halloween-bus-shelter-design ventnor-botanic-garden-halloween-advert-banner-illustration ventnor-botanic-garden-halloween-social-media-graphic

Ventnor Botanic Garden